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Earth shattering news Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

So I’m out in California for a User Group Conference for works… and we went to this brewery/restaurant for dinner….

We had eaten dinner, and everyone had had plenty of delicious brews.

I went to the bathroom to go take a pee when THIS hit


You haven’t lived until you’re standing up, taking a pee, and the earth starts shaking beneath you 🙂 Needless to say, I didn’t even need to shake it off when I was done 🙂

Everyone else was still seated at dinner, but got a kick out of me walking back down the hall from the bathroom after the quake hit. Apparently it was fairly decent sized because even the native Californians were a bit rattled (no pun intended) by it.

The last earthquake I experienced, I was in the basement/catacombs of a 15th century cathedral in Lima, Peru . Now THAT was freaky. The tour guide grabbed two kids from the tour, one under each arm and started bolting for the door.
In fact, one of the customers PROMPTLY checked out of the hotel as soon as we got back. He’d rather drive the hour drive in the morning than risk the aftershock I guess. Pansy.

Tomorrow – OFF to Yosemite with my good buddy David. I am so psyched!

Ireland – Dublin to Galway Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

YAY! Today I finished up my work stuff. Training is over! Woo hoo!
I was very pleased with how today went. I was teaching material that I am pretty vaguely familiar with, but I totally pulled it off. Class seemed interested and learned something. Very good.

So after that, I caught taxi with Dave and one of the customers, Robert, to the airport. From there I picked up my rental car. It’s a tiny little bugger. I’ll get some pictures tomorrow.
So, driving on the left hand side actually has turned out to be a lot easier than I thought it would be. The hardest thing is when I walk up to the car to get in it, I still walk up the the left hand side.

Hehehe. The whole time I am driving I just keep thinking left left left left. It works 🙂
So I drove clear across Ireland today. Seriously. I drove from Dublin to Galway. It took me about 2.5-3 hours. Pretty uneventful drive and really nothing much to see either. But I got to Galway, and I set the GPS unit in the car (yeah, I HAD to have it. so glad I did) for Eyre Square in Galway. It is a REALLY cool area. Lots of shops (most were closed tonight) and bars and stuff.

I ended up walking into this record store called Red Light Records. Me and the owner, Des, totally hit it off. He just got back from a 6 week trip across the USA. New York to San Fransisco I believe he said. He went through Austin even! But didn’t get much time to spare there. Too bad. Completely cool guy. We chatted for I dunno maybe close to two hours.

Turns out we have very similar music tastes and he played a ton of Irish acts for me. I ended up walking out with 9 CDs! HAHAHA it was a load of fun though. Shot the shit for a while.. then I was STARVING! I walked around trying to find an Italian place, but they were all closed. I ended up at this Chinese place and it was SOOOOOO good. They had this homemade hot chili sauce and I loaded up on it. I was running out of my nose and eyes. That is always a good sign.
After that I strolled around for a while, down the shop/bar district.

Very cool. I went to check out this one club where Ryan Adams is playing next week. Tonight there was no more music by the time I got there. Got a recommendation from the door guy and headed over to another place. The music there was eh.. it was traditional Irish, but the band was a bunch of old farts and quite honestly, not very good. I did enjoy a Guiness there though.
Finally grabbed my car and headed out to find a hotel. I just found one. It’s 1am.
Tomorrow I will check out Galway in the daylight in the morning. Then I will head out for Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher. Hopefully make it out there by early afternoon. I will check that out tomorrow, and then possibly drive down to the Ring Of Kerry. Just playing it by ear.
I have a hotel booked in Dublin for Friday night. Then I fly back out for home on Saturday.

Lots to pack into a couple days. Should be fun!

Dave! My coworker that I did training with.

I saw this on my drive to Galway. Looked cool. I didn’t have time to stop so I just took this quickly while I got stopped in traffic. It came out ok for a quick shot.

I ate dinner at this Chinese place and they had this cool painting on the wall.

The old fart band.

A bar.

Dublin – Day 2 Sunday, October 15th, 2006

The day started off here at a nice coffeeshop called “LemonJellys”. I had a great egg, cheddar, and tomato bagel for breakfast.

I was in the Temple Bar district…

And this is the famous Temple Bar.

Late that day it was off the Guiness

The brewery


The toucan!


At the top is a bar, surrounded by 360 degrees of windows. The Gravity Bar. Here you get a free pint of Guiness.

Amazing views from up here


And then on the walk home, I passed by Christchurch Cathedral.



Really gorgeous.

Past a pub

I ate dinner at this place. It was very nice and homey feeling.

Some cool sculpture

And back to the hotel.

116087310475962248 Saturday, October 14th, 2006

Fresh shaven, in Dublin

These guys were jamming!

Cowboy in Dublin. This guy played “Blue Suede Shoes” both times I walked by. People were screaming for Johnny Cash.

You see the strangest things in Temple Bar.

Drumming on a box.

This guy would pope into scary poses whenever someone threw money in his jar, and then freeze in that position until the next person threw some change. Scary! I think his pointy ears are real (he had them made that way), and he was wearing freaky contacts.

There was this huge group of people dancing. The girls were dancing “Irish style” in heels! Crazy! The guy on the right approached me afterwards and told me “Don’t take my photo, I’m Irish.” I didn’t even realize he was there!

More of the crazy dancing in the middle of the street. And yes, that is my crazy “friend” on the left that looks like he is about the throw a punch.

There were abut 5 girls who were all wearing mustaches.


To Prague Saturday, April 15th, 2006

I did a tour of Munich this morning. Pretty cool. Met a Canadian on the train last night and he recommended a good hostel to me so I stayed there. Caught a free 3 hour tour today. I normally would shy from tours but it was actually prettz decent. I didn’t have time to research Munich myself so it worked out. I’ll post more soon.
I missed my first train to Prague because it didn’t say anything about Prague on the damn sign. So I am catching the next one in a few minutes here.
I just made a post about my day leading up to Zurich. I’ll post more later.
All’s well. Feet are hurting already and I want to save them for Prague which is why I’m spending my last hour here sitting in an internet cafe 🙂
More soon…