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Movin along Thursday, May 8th, 2008

Just got back from a run. I won’t say “I’m back into running” quite yet… but I’m getting there.

Tonight was a bit frustrating. I was trying to calibrate the Nike Ipod+ sensor. I did the walking calibration (1.25 miles which is the max, for more accuracy), and that worked just fine. I was a little tired b/c I was walking at a quick pace that whole time (while listening to The Killers’ Hot Fuss). So I decided I would just do the 400m running calibration. One lap around the track, right? So I do one lap. I tell it I am done with the lap and it says something like “Error: Distance ran does not equal calibration distance”. Ummmmmm isn’t that MY job to tell the frickin sensor how long 400m is?!?!?! I figure it was a fluke. I was ready to stop for the night, but I want to get it calibrated. So I switch from the middle lane on the track to the outer lane. I run another lap. SAME DAMN ERROR! I was pissed. I began to doubt whether I was correct in thinking that one lap = 400m. So I just got home, I check online and the INNERmost lane is 400m. I’m pretty impressed that the sensor could tell the middle lane versus the inner lane. In fact, I’m not totally convinced, but I’ll give Nike the benefit of the doubt. I’m going to try to do the running calibration tomorrow.

So, total distance tonight 1.75 miles (1.25 walk, .5 run). Not bad. A good start to get back into it.

I’m working on a nifty idea that I’ll share within the next few weeks.

Oh… and we booked a vacation to Hawaii last night! Andrea is going on July 2nd for a girls trip to Honolulu, Oahu. I am flying to Maui (different island) on the 5th, and then she is flying to meet up with me on the 7th. We’ll have the whole week and fly back on the 13th. I am SUPER excited 🙂 Can’t wait. We booked everything last night. Except car. I will book that tomorrow through priceline. Gonna read through a book my friend Chris lent me. I’ll post on here the stuff that I wanna see/do. It is definitely going to be a chill vacation though. As much fun as we had in Ireland last year, we packed too much into that week and we were exhausted by the time we came home. Not this time. Anyway, I’ll post more soon.

Other things to post about:

  • Tuesday – shittiest day ever
  • Physical therapist appointment

Big up yaself! Friday, April 11th, 2008

Heyhey. Gonna be making some changes around deez pagez. I wanna somehow incorporate what I’m listening to into here with maybe some reviews and such. And I need to keep track of what books I’ve read/am reading. Been doing more of that this year.

Also going to post some goals that I can hit. I had to stop training for the Cap10k run because of my neck injury. But I am going to start running again. I’ll post my stats regularly as well, keep myself accountable.

Working on developing some ideas for business ventures (no, nothing major yet. we’re starting with baby steps, proving that little projects can get done and make some (little) money… but mainly just to prove that it can be done). I have no illusions that one of my/our first projects will be the one to allow me to retire, but I do know that you gotta start somewhere and build from there, so that’s the plan, Stan.

ok. so. big changes. more excitement. more interesting stuff. coming soon to a screen near you. stay tuned.


New toy! Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

So last weekend Rob and I went to look at a Honda 450 motorcycle. We went a little early and decided to stop and grab lunch at Mr. Natural. Ate some DELICIOUS BBQ Tofu (seriously, good stuff). And lo and behold, the girl who is selling the bike calls us in the middle of lunch to tell us that the bike won’t start and it’s not worth us coming over. BUMMER! We were minutes away from going over there and getting a bike for me. Big letdown. Oh well…

So we head home and I started scouring Craigslist again and I happened upon a few bikes. One, in particular stood out. A pristine condition 1987 Yamaha Virago 1100! So the 1100 is the size of the engine (1100cc). Just as a frame of reference, most people learn on a 250cc or a 450cc. This is a HUGE bike! But, as I was telling Rob the day before, I was planning on buying a smaller bike, learn on it, and then sell it within a year to buy a bigger bike (was shooting for a 750cc). Well this bike is too good to pass up. We arrange to meet with the guy down in Buda, TX on Sunday.

Well I didn’t realize it would be such a chore to up my ATM limit on a Sunday. What a pain. One of my banks wouldn’t budge and the other would, but it was kind of a hassle. I’m on the phone with them the whole drive down. Anyway, we get down there and the bike looks amazing. The guy was original owner (or so he says – the title says it was issued in 1996 or something like that and shows a previous owner.. hmmmm)… actually, he sold it to his son a few years ago, who was the one actually selling it to me, but they were both there. Come to find out, it was the son’s first bike. That made me feel better about getting such a large bike for my first bike. So, Rob has only ridden a 400cc (and the 250s we rode in riding class over a year ago).. but I really want to see how the bike rides, so I ask Rob if he’s ready to test ride it. hehe I could tell he was nervous, but he man’d up and did it 🙂 Everything rode really smoothly he said. We talk to the owners a bit more and agree on a price (the price they listed it for – no budging – hehehe). I still don’t have all the cash there, but I’ve worked out all the kinks with my bank so we ride with the son to get the rest of the money. Paid up, got title, then Rob rode the bike back to my place while I followed him.

And that’s the end of the riding for the new toy so far. I’m waiting to get it titled, registered, and to get my moto license. We got it insured yesterday.

Oh yeah, and here are some pics.

New Bike!

Fighting off the sickness Friday, January 4th, 2008

So Andrea’s Mom, brother, and now Andrea are all sick with some kind of vicious sore throat/cough cold thing.

Amazingly enough, I have made it this far without actually coming down with any of the symptoms (except my throat was a little dry this morning), but I have been tired as hell. I know it’s because my body is trying to fend off the sickness. I always have to sleep a LOT when I get sick. So the past few days I have just craved sleep. I decided to call in sick today since my throat was bugging me a bit and because I was so tired. I slept until after 1pm! Crazy!

So hopefully I will make it through and not get sick. I’m going to get all the rest I can. Andrea actually sounds like she is still getting worse, but hopefully she’ll start feeling better soon.

Probably going to work from home tomorrow.

I’ve been working on my list of goals for this year, but don’t have it all compiled yet. I’ll be posting them soon.

Ok, off to get some of that much needed rest.

Oh, remind me to talk about Einstein and science in one of the next posts 🙂

2008! Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Woo hoo! 2008 is upon us. On to a new year.

This is going to be a good one, I can feel it.

Just a short post for now, but this is all part of my plan to post more often. I am setting a goal to write something (anything) for at least 4 days out of each week. Sometimes it might be short, sometimes it might be longer, we’ll just see what happens.

I’ll post a list of my goals here within the next few days. Need some time to think of good, measurable goals.

More soon!!