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This weekend! Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

This coming weekend is finally here! I’ve been waiting for months for this.

Me, Thomas, and Reagan signed up for the Texas Kayak Fishing School.

It’s a 3 day class on fishing down at the coast in kayaks. Half classroom time, half water. It’s in Aransas Pass.

To say I am stoked would be a terrible understatement. I am SOOOO excited about it. I cannot wait to let my kayak taste saltwater. She craves it. I can tell.

I’ve only taken the kayak out once so far. I had hoped to have gone out a few times before the class, just to get a little paddling experience in, but no such luck. The weather and prior committments just wouldn’t have it. Oh well. I am hoping that this class really gives us a kickstart into fishing at the coast. I’d really like to go down there once a month while the weather is good. I think we’re going to try to make a habit of it. Even if it is for a one day outing here and there.

I will try and take come pictures with a waterproof camera and get those developed soon. I’ll want to show off the mountains and mountains of fish that I catch, of course.

Anyway… super stoked!!!!!!!!