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Motivation / Success Group Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

So last night, we had the first meeting of a motivation/success group that I put together. We all have read 4 Hour Work Week and all want to get some businesses going on the side.

The meeting was a big success. It’s my friends Ben, Brian, and Chris. And Terry will be joining in the future, just couldn’t last night. I feel really confident that we’ll keep each other motivated. The idea for the group is that we will work individual projects, but might collaborate now and then, and will meet somewhat regularly to update each other on status, help keep each other on that road. It’s awesome.

Last night we decided to work on a first project together. I’m not going to unveil any of the details quite yet, but once we get something going, I will post. This project is kinda like a case study for us. Pretty much, launching any product online is the same routine. So we’re going to learn the routine together for this project, so it will help us with others in the future. Learn the formula, then rinse and repeat. This first one is a basic idea. Just to prove to ourselves that it can be done, that we can put a product out, that it will bring in some cash, etc etc. Not looking to get rich off of this one. This is a small idea and we each have our own bigger, more grandiose ideas that we’ll pursue as well. The idea is to GET STARTED. DO SOMETHING. Don’t just sit there talking about it.  I am guilty as charged for doing that and I’m trying to break out of it. Time to get stuff done.

I’m really excited and I can’t wait to update you on our progress. More soon!