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Da week in twits – 2011-10-31 Monday, October 31st, 2011

Da week in twits – 2011-10-24 Monday, October 24th, 2011

  • Why, oh why, did I agree to meet up with a 6am running group tomorrow?!? G'night tweeps! #
  • Time for a run?!? – at Murchison Middle School #
  • EVERY website should have a mailing list signup option.. but it especially boggles my mind when a band doesn't do it. @GIVERSmusic #tournews #
  • Their corn tortillas are LEGIT! Can't believe I've never tried em before. – at Tacodeli #
  • My Fall/Winter garden is now completely planted. Grow veggies, grow!! #
  • What. A. Day. #
  • ,,,,, chameleon #
  • Gonna go hit the Town Lake running trail. I haven't run down there in a VERY long time. Nice day! #
  • Kool summer sammich. (w/ a side of hipster) – at Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse #
  • I swear this place (Bouldin Creek Cafe) is either releasing swarms of flies evry few minutes. Or the hipsters just attract em. Unbelievable. #
  • Still one of the best veggie sandwiches in town though. Kool Summer Sammich @ Bouldin Creek. The Tofu Ren taco was good too. I porked out. #
  • Another DEEEEELICIOUS vegan meal. Thanks @Engine2Diet #

Da week in twits – 2011-10-17 Monday, October 17th, 2011

  • Gotta admit, I was skeptical over the @Engine2Diet Lemon, Kale and Hummus sandwich. But it was delicious! Good stuff! #plantstrong #vegan #
  • REALLY digging the new Notifications screen with iOS5 & fully realize that Android users have had something similar since day 1. Still cool. #
  • SOOOOOO good! Vegan goodness! – at Counter Culture #
  • RT @johntunger: I work with fire all the time, but sometimes it's fun to just play with fire: <– AWESOME John!!!! #
  • Ugh. Did a little psoas massage with a tennis ball after my run. Can already feel it. Easily the most painful muscle in the body. #fb #
  • Way to go Nate!!! RT @whereisnate: Just walked across America. #

Da week in twits – 2011-10-10 Monday, October 10th, 2011

  • Definitely sore from the race yesterday. Calves are tight and burning. Though I think my limp is kinda sexy. Time to find the next race! #
  • WordPress Meetup #nurdstuph – at Cospace #
  • Whoa. Felt weird just now, reading about Steve Jobs' death on my iPhone.Truly a brilliant man with brilliant vision.We are at a loss, Steve. #
  • If I hear one more cover of "Pumped Up Kicks", a hipster is going to die. Sorry @tommeny. Over. Over. Over. Played. #
  • Blind Pilot! – at The Parish #
  • Was talking yesterday w/ someone about how a race doesn't feel successful if u aren't sore the next day. This is crazy tho. 6 days later?!? #
  • SO FUNNY. @guster: We get it. You're Marc Jacobs. #fb #

Da week in twits – 2011-10-03 Monday, October 3rd, 2011

  • Rockin a little #RATM during my evening run, in honor of @SenorRobbieRob #
  • Whoa. Not sure if it's just the evening run catching up with me but I just had a giant wave of TIREDNESS hit me. Need energy to walk to bed. #
  • Little more annoying than when on the phone to help a customer and they keep putting you on hold every 2 minutes to deal with other issues. #
  • Have my first race tomorrow (10K) in more than a couple years. Blech. Butterflies in stomach. Hope my ankle holds up. #
  • Post-race migas #
  • 50/50 chance this movie is any good. #
  • 50/50 was an incredible film. Highly recommend it. Can see it being one of my favorites. #