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Da week in twits – 2011-06-27 Monday, June 27th, 2011

  • Whoa! I just picked up the Rock Your Life package. Check it out! via @Only72 #
  • Love love love
    Modern Love – @mattnathanson
    Young Love – @matkearney
    All You Need Is Love- @thebeatles #
  • I just finished a 3.02 mi run with a time of 35:20 with Nike+ GPS. #nikeplus #
  • Oy! Still paying the price for my overzealous barefoot run on Wednesday 🙁 #fb #

Da week in twits – 2011-06-20 Monday, June 20th, 2011

  • Our son Jeremy Blue Olivier was born on Friday, June 17, 2011 3:53pm. He passed away shortly after his birth. Our lives are forever changed. #

Da week in twits – 2011-06-13 Monday, June 13th, 2011

Da week in twits – 2011-06-06 Monday, June 6th, 2011

  • Boom! @ Pennybacker Bridge #
  • Next stop Houston #WDS here I come! @ AUS Austin-Bergstrom #
  • Whew! Forgot I had my pocketknife on me while I was in line for airport security. Luckily I called wifey before she had driven too far away! #
  • Haha ok this is just weird. Saxon?!? In the airport?!? Where are Bob and Matt?! @ The Saxon Pub #
  • Any Austin or Houston folks flying tonight to PDX for #WDS I'm in Austin now connecting in Houston for 8pm to PDX. #
  • On the same flight as The Sword (of Guitar Hero fame (I'm sure they are sick of hearing that)). F'n cool!! #fb #
  • Just a rollin through #WDS way @ IAH George Bush Intercontinental #
  • Any other #wds folks staying at the Portland International Guesthouse on Flanders? #
  • Heading out. IAH->PDX. #wds here I come!! #fb #
  • Whew. That flight was LONG! @ PDX Portland International #
  • Leaving soon but any #wds folks at PDX and wanna split cab fare into town? #
  • U ever get that when u get off a flight and ur ears still haven't popped when ya land? Well I get it a lot. And I have it now. #wanttohear #
  • Portland it kills me to retire for the evening as soon as I got here but it is 3:30am in my timezone. I promise to take u out tomorrow. #wds #
  • Must be some other dimension. I am showing up before places even open for the day! Surreal. #fb #
  • Curiosity of a new city to explore + wanting to remedy my still unpopped ears = up WAY too early, looking for a pharmacy and exploring. #
  • Just snorted half a bottle of Afrin accidentally. Yeah. Do NOT turn the bottle upside down while squeezing. FLOODED my nose. Should work? #
  • Hahahaha GENIUS!! #
  • Considering a slow mosey over to Voodoo Doughnuts. Anyone else interested? #wds #
  • And this one is my wet dream. So awesome!! @ Icebreaker Touch Lab #
  • Just passed a guy on street who was walking, wearing headphones, and singing LOUDLY. and. Poorly. People avoiding him. I waved. #
  • Ok #wds folks. What are y'all up to at around 2 today? Up for hanging. #
  • #wds peeeeps – headed back to hotel to hopefully regain some energy. Hoping to come back out in a few. #
  • Checking out John T Unger. Awesome stuff. #wds #
  • Break from #wds so nice to lay down under the trees and sky and enjoy this gorgeous Portland weather. #fb #
  • HEAVEN! man this is delicious!!!!!! @ Rogue Distillery & Public House #
  • This WAS a delicious Chocolate Stout at Rogue. *was*! #wds #
  • HIGHlarious. The restrooms at Rogue brewery. #wds #
  • Local brew! We went off the #wds tour! Hell yeah! @ Bailey's Taproom #
  • ok #wds folks. Anyone still out? Where at? #
  • PDX why do your bars close just after dinner time? #wds #
  • Late night grüüüüb' #wds @ Koi Fusion Cart #
  • Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Danced in my first Bollywood routine yesterday. Yup ain't no thang. Crazy fun! JAI HO!!! #