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Da week in twits – 2010-10-25 Monday, October 25th, 2010

Da week in twits – 2010-10-18 Monday, October 18th, 2010

Da week in twits – 2010-10-11 Monday, October 11th, 2010

  • PLEASE vote for my bro-in-law's Motocross Film where he made it to the finals! Robert Mitchell. Vid on right. #
  • I voted for ROB MITCHELL in the SHIFT/ @racerxonline Amateur Film Festival! Vote now! #
  • I think it's AWESOME how the rescue crews for the Chilean miners are all flying Texas flags! Who woulda thought they'd even heard of Texas?! #
  • Can someone explain to me pre-ordering iTunes albums? Pre-order used to mean you got something on release day. Well, digitally, every1 does. #
  • Just made an AWESOME Raw Pad Thai. Sooo good. Nice n spicy!! Yum! #
  • Ha! I left the sunroof of my 4runner open last night. Now it's full of acorns! #
  • Shazbot! I made an awesome smoothie for breakfast and then promptly forgot it at home. Going back to get it. #
  • Can I get a come again, pardon me? HELLZ. stone cold. — at Costco #
  • Schtimpin it. Raw powdy style — at Home Depot #
  • I made it! One week on raw vegan diet. Blog posts coming tomorrow for past couple days. And a recap. Great challenge and glad I did it! #
  • Saw Social Network tonight. Great flick. Good story, well acted. Pretty inspiring actually. Got my creative juices flowing. Implementation! #
  • Mmmmmm cooked food. — at Freebirds #
  • Just saw the Kramer station for Austin metro rail line. Ummm WHO exactly thought that was a choice spot for a stop? Hilarious!! #
  • Ugh. First impression of cooked non-vegan food not good. And this was FREEBIRDS!! Stomach hurts and it made me feel sleepy right away. #
  • Ugh. Stomach cramping like crazy. Freebirds was a horrible choice for my first meal back from raw foods.Groan #atleastmyeveningisplannednow #
  • Am I the only one who feels compelled to use as many of the allotted 140 characters in a tweet? I mean it's a compulsion. Know what I meean? #
  • 21st Century Schizoid Man #fb #
  • This oughta make someone's weekend… I've got a slot in line for the Band Of Horses ACL taping on Saturday. Must be available 3pm-10pm Sat #
  • It's sad that I am more excited about the Nov 3 Mumford and Sons concert than I am about ACL Fest tomorrow. I am excited for ACL too tho! #
  • I am a glutton for punishment. Or maybe trying to convince myself that raw is so much better. #bi — at Taco Bell #
  • It's a Blublockers kinda day #
  • Getting ready for @aclfest Day 2. Gonna be even better than yesterday. PeteYornGaslightAnthemBrokenBellsSilversunGogolBordelloDeadmau5Muse #
  • Let's be honest. Their breakfast here really does suck. — at Lowe's #
  • Now that's what I'm talkin about. FLAPJACKS! — at The Home Depot #
  • The squirrel infestation is making my herpes flare up. #ZYNCZONE #
  • Best act of the festival: Gogol Bordello #ACLFEST #fb #
  • 2 weeks from tonight I will be somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean, on my way to Jamaica!! #
  • Ding ding #

Raw Food Experiment – Day 5 Monday, October 4th, 2010

Today felt a little like work. Like, I went to meet friends at NXNW this morning for brunch, and REALLY wanted a beer. But alas, my willpower prevailed. haha this is definitely challenging. More so from a social aspect than from anything else. The food is all great, no complaints there. Just makes going out and doing anything a little difficult. This is THE diet to go on if you want to lose weight, I’ll tell ya that. Not that I’ve lost a lot (I decided I’d just update at the end on weight), but you are restricted from doing much in the way of social dinners. So you’re not going to overeat. And you are super conscious of what you are putting in your body. Which is a good thing.

1 half seedless watermelon
Walnut Pecan Cherry Ginger Granola
1.5 cups Almond Milk

So I ate that, and then headed out to brunch with friends… where I had…. water 🙂 Even the OJ in places, unless fresh squeezed, is going to be pasteurized. Even iced tea is considered cooked. Basically, everything that you are putting into your body has to have never gotten above 105 degrees F.

Oops! I skipped it. Damn. This is going to be a low calorie day.

Large Salad
3 cups Baby Romaine Lettuce
1 cup Baby Carrots
1 Baby Cucumber
8 Cherry Tomatoes
Soy Ginger Vinaigrette

Oh man is this dressing good. I think I’ve found a new go-to recipe for regular “cooking” around the house.

Daily Totals
Calories: 1748
Fat: 42g
Carbs: 320g
Fiber: 47g
Protein: 49g

Da week in twits – 2010-10-04 Monday, October 4th, 2010

  • Deener weeth a purdy senorita — at La Condesa #
  • Hammocks and saw blades — at Jimmy John's #
  • I'm at Callahan's General Store in Austin, TX #
  • So that is what raw vegan poo looks like. #
  • Bone chips — at Whole Foods – Gateway #
  • Missing Las Vegas. Jonesin for another visit. Would love to check out their Xmas getup again. Long weekend maybe? @travelzoo, help! #
  • Trying to decide if I'm going kayaking at the coast tomorrow. Might skip this weekend and get stuff done around here. But the coast calls. #
  • Remember to be thankful that we humans live consciously. (or have the ability to). You coulda been a jellyfish! #
  • Well that sealed the deal. Staying in town. My friend just gave me free tix to @danieltosh at Bass tonight!! I'm a lucky skunk! #clovers #
  • Grubbin with @mikeschu — at Whole Foods #
  • Just watched The Experiment with Adrian Brody and Forrest Whitaker. Man, that is a messed up story. Based on Stanford prison experiment. #
  • Headed to Alamo Drafthouse S. Lamar to catch Catfish. Heard it's good. #
  • Dis ain't no Okie Noodlin! – Catfish — at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema – South Lamar #
  • Just browsin — at Waterloo Records #
  • Photo at H-E-B Foods #
  • Dis shit is bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! — at H-E-B Foods #
  • Wow. Catfish (the movie). Unreal. Read nothing about it and just go see it. Mind = blown. #