Raw Food Experiment – Day 2

Day 2 and feeling a little better than yesterday even.

Started out the day with…
Raw cranberry granola
1 Banana

The granola was really filling. It does have a different taste than traditional granola. But not in a bad way. It’s actually really tasty. Here’s the brand I got.

Before I knew it, it was time to go meet my friend Brian, for lunch at McAlister’s Deli. My first foray into eating out (Beets doesn’t really count as eating out, b/c they cater to raw foodists). Tricky, indeed. I looked at the menu and instantly saw…nothing. So I had to make some modifications (just left some stuff off one of their salads).

Modified Greek Salad from McAlister’s Deli (no feta, roasted peppers, or croutons, with vinaigrette instead of greek dressing)

That salad at lunch was pretty huge, so it filled me up well.

Afternoon snack
1 cup Baby Carrots

I waited WAYYYYY too long to start “cooking” (yar yar) dinner, as per usual. I decided to actually try my hand at some actual raw recipes. Here’s what I had:

Lemony Herb Fredo Style Raw Noodles
1 cup Raspberries
1 cup Strawberries
2 cups Almond Milk
3 Bananas

Lemony Fredo

The recipe was DEEEEELISH. Really tasty. Next time I make it, I will probably put about half as many herbs as they recommend, just to see what that tastes like, but it wasn’t unbearable. Just a little “spicy”. The zucchini as “noodles” was really pretty darn good. I could easily eat this one again.

I have found my new love in the raw vegan arena. ALMOND MILK. OOOOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGGG!!!!! This stuff is absolutely DIVINE. I LOVE it. So much better than soy milk, without having to worry about having too much soy in the ol’ diet. It is delicious. I got the plain, original one here. I want to try their unsweetened vanilla one too. But the original is SOOO good. If nothing else comes out of this raw food experiment, I have DEFINITELY found my new milk substitute.

Daily Totals
Calories: 1657
Fat: 56g
Carbs: 276g
Fiber: 70g
Protein: 30g

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