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Da week in twits – 2010-02-22 Monday, February 22nd, 2010

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Da week in twits – 2010-02-15 Monday, February 15th, 2010

  • I'm eating at No No's at Delware Subs Shop #
  • Greatest site ever #
  • Holy sleet! #
  • Wants to see Jonsi on this tour 🙁 Durn. #
  • Onions are my kryptonite. But enchilada reward will soon emerge from
    the oven. Meanwhile… boo hoo hoo!!! #
  • Grubbin before gardening. at Schlotzsky's #

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Da week in twits – 2010-02-08 Monday, February 8th, 2010

  • Delicious lunch. Thanks Austin! at @TorchyTaco #
  • who be townin' wit my paella? glimbo jay jay! #
  • Please help save the Cactus Cafe. Help continue the wonderful gift of live music that it has given Austin. #savecactus #
  • What I learned today: if you spray compressed air into your glass of water to get it to freeze, then drink said water… it tastes BAAAAAD. #
  • Boy Lilikoi by Jnsi is pretty damn great. Can't wait for the album.I'm not too happy that the tour comes nowhere near here though. #
  • Oh yeah, the brilliant idea of running a whole mile in my Fivefingers the other night? Yeah. Not the greatest idea ever. Can barely walk. #
  • Friiiiiiday lunch! at Freebirds #
  • ? Now listening to Sigur Rs – Takk… – Se Lest ? #sigurrs #
  • Red sluuuuush!!!! #
  • Texas Stars Hockey at Cedar Park Center #
  • Craziness. I won 2 Poker
    Tournaments this weekend. My first ever. I'm stoked but really tired. #

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Da week in twits – 2010-02-01 Monday, February 1st, 2010

  • WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY do people insist on still using checks at the grocery store? Most do that eCheck thing where it's auto-debited anyway!!! #
  • Runnin. Runnin. Runnin from the rain. #
  • WHAT?! Is twitter mad?!? San Antonio defined as a city for trending topics, but not Austin?! What kinda jack is that?!? Laughable, twitter. #
  • Just had an awesome frozen meal from Moo Moo's Vegetarian. "Maddalena's Gnocchi". Several people from work asked what smelled so delicious! #
  • CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVING some Paqui Roasted Jalapeno Tortillas. Bought some yesterday. Why why why did I leave them at home!? 🙁 #
  • Heading in to check out a conference with Dave Ramsey. Hope it's good!! #
  • Wow! Wicked high energy at @DaveRamseyLIVE #
  • Grabbing lunch on a break from conference. RAVENOUSLY hungry! at Escalante's Fine Tex-Mex #
  • I succumbed to their awesome advertising! at Buckee's #
  • Mmmmm bluegrass fits the drivin

    Now listening to ? Aimee Curl – Shack Album – The Cuckoo ? #

  • Wow! Anybody know what's going on in San Antonio on I35 south? Traffic is insane. Cars were reversing to get back to previous exit #

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