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Riding through Awesomeness Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I had a pretty good weekend last weekend, and boy did I need it. Work has been making me into a head-achin stress-ball.

Started off Saturday with Andrea’s film class’ screening for their short films. It was exciting to see Andrea’s name up on the big screen again and to see what she and the other folks put together. I’ll have to grab a link to the film once it gets posted online and just link ya up. It’s a “comedy” about a guy who hypnotizes a friend and makes him do all kinds of crazy stuff. Pretty funny. There were also a couple other great films at the screening.

Most notable to me was one called Adaline (Deneice O’Connor) which was a really simple film, but the actors in it just sold it. It is basically about a man’s over-controlling girlfriend and her ridiculing him for wearing a sweater in Texas heat while they are sitting at a bus stop. Simple. Yet awesome.

Another good one was Heartbox (Geoff Yano). Apparently the student came to Kat and said he was going to do a robot movie in her short film class. I think everyone had their doubts, but he definitely pulled it off. Great flick.

And the other standout was Color By Number (Marshall Rimmer). This one has a lot of potential. Another comedy. The narration and the style of the movie was hilarious. It’s about a boy who likes a girl, who likes a boy, who likes airplanes. Great acting, and great funny storytelling.

From there, Andrea and I went to Austin Diner for some breakfast. I got a call from my buddy Steve as we were finishing up, so headed from there to the house to get the bike ready to take out.

I hadn’t ridden since October! The night before, I had to charge the battery because it was dead. Anyway, I got all my stuff ready. I got to wear my new motorcycle boots, that I got for my birthday, for the first time. They rule! Headed out, the bike was running really rough. I was worried for a while that I might not make it down to San Marcos, where I was meeting Steve and his brother. It was sputtering a lot, and I’d be giving it throttle… it would sputter and then it would catch and the bike would surge forward. After I fueled it up, and got on the highway, it was still bad for a while. Finally, it started to run better and better. I made it down to San Marcos about 12 minutes late. Steve and his brother were nowhere to be seen.
I checked my cell and he had texted and said they were running late. Sweet. A quick run to fuel up, and when I came back, the guys were there.
We headed down I-35 and then cruised through Gruene. Then straight into the gorgeous Texas Hill Country. I LOVE LOVE LOVE riding alongside River Road. Such awesome scenery. Nice way to escape it all. The ride was a bit chilly, mainly from the wind. We rode for a couple or so hours and it was cooling off a lot, so Steve, his brother, and I parted ways. I went up north to Austin and they headed back to San Antonio. What a great Saturday.
Then we topped it off with some Tex-Mex at Mesa Rosa.
Ahhh.. I needed that. Now if only I could do that for the next few days too 🙂
Sorry for the unstructured writing this time, I just felt like typing. Actually, I’m doing work stuff right now and this is kinda my way of procrastinating 🙂