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My hearing is going! Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Ok, so this was funny enough (at least to me) to share…

So I’m sitting in my cubicle at work, and decide I want to listen to some music.

I pop on my over-the-ear Bose headphones so I can crank up some tunes and I’m listening to Rhapsody just fine. Kickin’ some M.I.A.

Then I remember that I heard that Jay Nash had a new album out today, and I wanted to check out some songs from it. So I paused my Rhapsody, and went over to Firefox to check out the new songs from Jay via Myspace.

I start up the first song, and the volume is extremely low. Thinking this was just some weird effect from Myspace just having a crappy quality capture of the song or something, I turn the volume up some more. Boy, this is REALLY a crappy version of the song… SO quiet. Crank volume up all the way, and now I can barely hear it, but enough to hear the singing ok, and some of the instruments.
I’m sitting here thinking it is done on purpose by the record label or something. Enough to give you a taste of what it will sound like, but not high enough quality that people will just rely on Myspace to listen to it. Oh well, it will do for a sample of the new songs.

So I’m listening for a few songs, 10 minutes or so.. and I’m out of ice and water.
So I grab my glass to head to the kitchen, take off my headphones… and..

HOLY HELL! It’s Jay Nash! Singing! LOUDLY! From my… LAPTOP SPEAKER!

So I’m sitting here with these nice headphones on, that block a lot of outside noise, while the entire office is listening to Jay Nash’s new songs in all their glory.

Quick! Hit the mute button…. doesn’t work… quick! kill Firefox! whew…

I guess it had linked up to my laptop speakers before it knew I had headphones plugged in or something. Anyway.. so I sat there for a sec, feeling foolish. Then went to check the office, and luckily everyone on my side of the office was in some meeting in the conference room for most of the time. Whew.

Anyway, my funny, dorky moment or the day. Enjoy.

P.S. Jay – I think you owe me for something for exposing more people to your new album!