A do run-run-run-run a do run-run

Long time no post and this is a short one.
Just wanted to say that I am going to do the NIKE Human Race this Sunday. It’s a 10K! Am I ready? Eh, who knows, I haven’t been back at running very long now, but I increased my distance from 2 miles to 5 miles over the past 5 workouts. Maybe that’s moving a little fast. Dunno. But we shall see. Check out my workout logs over to the right there to see my progress.

Oh.. and I just took my second ICE BATH! More on those soon. Excruciatingly good 🙂

To write about:

  • Ice Baths
  • Running Regimen
  • 100 Pushup Challenge
  • My Sleep Apnea and I’m doing about it – CPAP!
  • How I won the lottery and still haven’t told anyone
  • How I discovered the cure for world hunger and will sell it for $100million
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