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MyDaily15 Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

I really need to work on this thing I wanna do.. but here.

My Daily 15 Minutes:

7×25 squats (My legs are completely useless now)

7×10 pushups

+ 2/3 mile walk

Ideas a’brewin’ Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I’ll explain later, but here’s my daily 15 minutes..

7 sets of 20 pushups

6 sets of 30 situps


15 minute walk with Andrea

Chillllin Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Ahhhh. Now THIS is the life 🙂
I’m sitting right now on the patio of a local vegetarian cafe (Bouldin Creek Cafe). It’s down in South Austin and the vibe here is just awesome. It really feels like a local hangout. The kind of place that people walk to for dinner, drinks, conversation, whatever, and then walk back home. The cafe was recommended to me by the other vegetarian at work, and I’ve been looking for an excuse to try it. I had “Fajitas Italianas” which were portabella fajitas with grilled zucchini, and this awesome red pepper pesto. Tasty! And a “Raspberry Sour” which is lemonade and raspberry juice. I think both of them are GoodFlow brand, which is a local brand and is THE best.
Anyway, good times. Looks like it’s gonna rain outside though and hopefully that will hold off for a bit.
Down the streetk, MarleyFest is going on, and if I wasn’t so tired from last night, I’d totally be there. Yeah. Got a little TOO tipsy last night at Rob’s BBQ. I almost never drink hard liquor and I was drinking Sailor Jerry’s Rum. It delicious stuff (maybe TOO delicious). I made it through dinner, and some Rockband, and then before I knew it… porcelain god. No fun. Didn’t even get to enjoy the relaxed buzzed feeling. I’m a beer drinker. I know how much beer I can drink before things go south. I’m able to regulate my beer intake. Liquor… not so much. So I’ll either have to stick to beer, or drink liquor more often so that I know what I can take. We’ll see. I’m pretty happy with beer 🙂
Que mas? que mas? I’m tired and sore from working in the yard again.
Oh yeah… so the reason I am out of the house tonight is because Andrea is having her Book Club. By the time I left, there were already like 6 people there, so it was a lot better than last time she hosted. So I got the yard lookin pretty and skidaddled.
I still need to do some more work in the yard to get it up to entertaining par. It’ll be really nice to get the umbrella up out there, get some mood lights, etc. And we want to work on the landscaping as well. Not exactly sure what, yet, but something. Definitely want to do some kind of lighting out there. Up in the trees and stuff. And some rock borders/beds. That kind of stuff. I dunno. We’ll see. Need to look at it.
So I still want to redo the layout of this blog and turn it into a better website.
And I need to get going with doing the PHP/MySQL/Python stuff. Gotta look at it as what it is going to enable me to do, rather then looking at it as “boring geeky computer programming stuff”. Because if I do that, I’ll never get off the ground. The little business group that I started up has some really great ideas and I’m going to need to learn some of that stuff to get things off the ground. Some GREAT ideas. Need to get moving on them. Ben has an awesome project that he’s done and I’m supposed to help with the User Interface. I need to learn some stuff so I can get that done.
I know this wasn’t the most interesting post, but blah. I needed to just type.
Ok. might look around and see if there’s something to do. Movie, music, coffee. Something. Gotta go go go.

Big up yaself! Friday, April 11th, 2008

Heyhey. Gonna be making some changes around deez pagez. I wanna somehow incorporate what I’m listening to into here with maybe some reviews and such. And I need to keep track of what books I’ve read/am reading. Been doing more of that this year.

Also going to post some goals that I can hit. I had to stop training for the Cap10k run because of my neck injury. But I am going to start running again. I’ll post my stats regularly as well, keep myself accountable.

Working on developing some ideas for business ventures (no, nothing major yet. we’re starting with baby steps, proving that little projects can get done and make some (little) money… but mainly just to prove that it can be done). I have no illusions that one of my/our first projects will be the one to allow me to retire, but I do know that you gotta start somewhere and build from there, so that’s the plan, Stan.

ok. so. big changes. more excitement. more interesting stuff. coming soon to a screen near you. stay tuned.