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Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwdamnit! Friday, March 7th, 2008


A few weeks into my training program for the Cap10K and sure enough, the shit hits the fan. I woke up Tuesday morning with a crick in my neck. Actually, scratch that. it didn’t really hurt right when I got up. I noticed it when I got out of the shower. So all day my neck hurts. This isn’t extremely out of the ordinary for me, but it has been quite a while since it last hurt. I’m almost certain that it started when I injured my neck 2+ years ago when I slipped on some ice and landed smack dab on the back of my head. My hands and shoulders didn’t even hit the ground before my head. My head was literally the first thing to hit, and I fell from a small set of stairs, so it was even worse.

Anyway.. so Tuesday it hurt like hell. Wednesday it hurt so bad that I went to see the accupuncturist and I took the second half of the day off work. I thought that would help, but it really didn’t help a whole lot. I did get some medicinal herbs¬† from her though and I have been taking those. Thursday¬† I took off from work as well. I ended up calling my chiropractor and went to see him. He did an adjustment and did some range of motion tests and tested a few things like tilting my neck in certain angles and applying pressure different ways. He said it was behaving very much like I had a “disc bulge”. Basically, this is a herniated disc. UGH! He said he wants to see me the next day. So I went back again today. I am definitely gaining some range of motion back. The first day I could barely turn my head left or right at all. Today is a lot better, but still can’t turn my head normally, and it still hurts a hell of a lot. I got another adjustment today from him and I am going back on Monday. I can tell that it is helping, but it definitely still hurts a lot. He said he wants to treat it for a few days before sending me in for an MRI. If it starts getting better, we won’t need to pay for the cost of the MRI. So, I’m basically holed up in bed, and walking back and forth to the freezer to ice my neck every 20 minutes. Not fun.

Needless to say, I haven’t run since last Friday. Sucks sucks sucks. Unless it gets better soon, I don’t see being able to run the Cap 10k. That said, even if I can’t run in that race, I intend to keep running and working out. I’m on a good kick and I will finish out the 10k program I am on, regardless. And then I’ll start another program. I am still 100% committed to completing the program. I just might have to put it on hold for a week or two (hopefully no longer than that).

I’m royally pissed that this had to happen now, of all times.