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Earth shattering news Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

So I’m out in California for a User Group Conference for works… and we went to this brewery/restaurant for dinner….

We had eaten dinner, and everyone had had plenty of delicious brews.

I went to the bathroom to go take a pee when THIS hit


You haven’t lived until you’re standing up, taking a pee, and the earth starts shaking beneath you 🙂 Needless to say, I didn’t even need to shake it off when I was done 🙂

Everyone else was still seated at dinner, but got a kick out of me walking back down the hall from the bathroom after the quake hit. Apparently it was fairly decent sized because even the native Californians were a bit rattled (no pun intended) by it.

The last earthquake I experienced, I was in the basement/catacombs of a 15th century cathedral in Lima, Peru . Now THAT was freaky. The tour guide grabbed two kids from the tour, one under each arm and started bolting for the door.
In fact, one of the customers PROMPTLY checked out of the hotel as soon as we got back. He’d rather drive the hour drive in the morning than risk the aftershock I guess. Pansy.

Tomorrow – OFF to Yosemite with my good buddy David. I am so psyched!