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Brew-pdate Monday, August 13th, 2007

Just a quick update on the brewing.

Weekend before last, we bottled the Oatmeal Stout. I saved about a pint of it, and DDDDDDDAMN! This is one tasty tasty brew. Andrea, Josh, and Reagan all tasted it and we all liked it a lot. Granted, it was flat… but for flat beer, it has a great flavor. Can’t wait to taste it once it is done.

After Reagan left, I went to work brewing up the IPA. So I got that started weekend before last. Then this past weekend I transferred it from the primary to the secondary fermenter. I also “dry hopped” it. Never done that before. I also tasted it…. quite tasty. IPA’s have such a unique flavor… I think it is an acquired taste maybe, but boy do I like it! Andrea and Josh didn’t quite care for it. I also had them try a Sierra Nevada Anniversary and they didn’t like that either… so they just aren’t fans of the super hoppy goodness that is an IPA.

I have some pics that I’ll post from last weekend.

So… this coming weekend: Bottling the IPA… and the Oatmeal Stout is probably ready to taste. One more week on it would be ideal, but I’m sure we’ll crack a bottle and see how it is doing.

Beyond that, haven’t been up to much. Went bike riding on the Veloway yesterday morning and it about killed me. The heat was crazy. I was fine until we stopped moving, then it all caught up with me and I had to pace it off 🙂 All good though. The funny thing is, my legs are never sore from the rides, so it basically means I just gotta build up my stamina.

Ok. out.