Da Beer – Step 3

So Reagan and I made the wort weekend before last, and put it into the primary fermenter. It’s been fermenting and just a’bubblin away for the past week. (see video below) It finally settled down sometime this past weekend and tonight I measured the specific gravity to make sure it was done wioth the first stage. It was. This batch of AHS Oatmeal Stout will be about 6% alcohol content.  So it was now time to move it from the 6.5 gallon primary fermenter to the 5 gallon secondary fermenter. They are both glass carboys. This second stage just allows for more of the yeast and sediment to settle down and for the beer to clear up. The plan is to bottle it this coming weekend.

I had a little taste too! It is flat (no carbonation) but it does have a nice taste. I think this will be a nice first batch.

Yee Haw! Good times!

(Step 3 because Step 1 was making the wort, and Step 2 was the primary fermentation. Still left Step 3 (this one) of secondary fermentation and settling/clearing, then Step 4 Bottling…. and finally, the best… Step 5 DRINKING!)

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