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114160826484160653 Sunday, March 5th, 2006

We upgraded the underlayment to some thicker, quieter stuff.

The floor is starting to get put back in!

Living room got completed on the first day.

Look at that curve! These guys are pros.

They even prepped the foundation by grinding down the high spots (see big whitish area) …

… and filling in the low spots (see dark gray area).

We even got them to tear out the old tile in the entryway. Smart idea (Andrea’s) to ask! Here is what we had them put in. It’s travertine, not tumbled like in the kitchen though.

A shot of the new flooring in the master bedroom. Those are the new french doors where the old sliding glass door used to be.

They’re kinda using the kitchen to store stuff. Well, that is the busted up pantry in the front there. STACKS and STACKS of laminate floowing.

See? STACKS, I tell you!

The kitchen breakfast area chandelier. Slightly different from the old one, but in the same series.

And there is the travertine tile getting laid down.

They LOST our old living room fan, so we had to buy it again and they are reimbursing us.

Tile going in. He’s admiring his handiwork.

The new front doors! YAY! They look good, huh?

There’s the new door handles. Very nice.

And here is the entryway tile from today. They grouted it this morning. Nice border!

Another shot.

And one more.