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Getting closer Sunday, February 5th, 2006

Another long time no post. Theme?
SO anyway, they have really been making progress on the house. They’ve finished the exterior siding and limestone, installed doors, garage doors, new trim (baseboards, window sills, etc). They’ve painted the inside and out. They still need to finish touching that up, but the majority is done. Next big step is the flooring and the shower surrounds.
For now, jusst check out the pics and I’ll write more soon. By the way, check out Andrea’s page, link over there on the left of this page for more frequent updates of pictures.
Off to bed for now…

One of the 4 stacks of sheetrock

More sheetrock

A small stack

Anotgher stack of sheetrock in the back, and siding on the ground there.

They wrapped the house in Tyvek before they put the new siding on.

A messy kitchen

This is the FIRST day of them putting the limestone up. Those guys move fast!

More rock

They put the sheetrock up right over the door openings. I guess it’s faster to just cut it out afterwards.

Hard at work

Funny shaped doorways on the left there.

Cutting stone

Another interesting doorway to the hall bathroom

The next day they had a lot more of the limestone done

Getting there

Those are the new doors for the inside. NICE!

And they decided to put rock all along the side here. It used to be just brick in the middle section (just past the fence) and siding on either side of that.

A view of the front. Sans garage doors. Check out our new mailbox!!!

The exterior paint. It was still wet and was REALLY yellow.

See all the trim? Very nice baseboard work

A shot of the new siding in the back.

Another shot. Yellow house. It’s tamed down now and looks pretty darn good! The trim is not painted yet though.

A view from the front. Garage doors!!

Tamed down yellow.

New garage doors!

The new kitchen color

The living room color, next to the kitchen

Living room color on right wall.. and the other color on the left is what most of the rest of the house is. It’s kinda coffee (with cream) colored.

Our new built-in bookshelf. We converted the closet to a built-in bookshelf. The GC built this himself. Came out nicely!

The interior doors are being painted.

The left wall is the color of the master bathroom.

And this is the color of the master bedroom

And this is the color of the hall bath