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Quick bytes Sunday, August 21st, 2005

So… just another quick update…
Last weekend the skunk attacked! Mama got sprayed. Poor thing. I ended up bathing her in this hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mixture that is sposed to be better than tomato juice for getting rid of the smell. It worked pretty well, but she took off running when I tried to rinse it off her. So she has some soap and stuff in her fur, but at least she doesn’t stink and is pretty clean!
I also mixed up this other stuff made with castor oil and soap and I sprayed the perimeter of the yard with it. It’s sposed to repel skunks and other wildlife. Not sure if it worked. Haven’t seen too many animals this week, but they aren’t out there every night.

The condo is SOLD and CLOSED!!! Woo hooo!!! Everything went smoothly and it’s all take care of now. So nice to be done with it. We didn’t make a lot of money off of it, but we made some, and now we have extra money every month from the mortgage payment we don’t have to make anymore 🙂 YAYYYYYY!

Thursday I went to see The Killers b/c Brian graciously sold me one of his extra tickets. I was psyched. So awesome! I had a great time and the show was really good.

Oh, did I mention that I got to go to another Austin City Limits taping? Yup! Amos Lee, last week! Man it was awesome! Be sure to check for it when it airs this fall.

Today I helped Rob install hardibacker in his shower. We got most of it cut, but the drill I had was too powerful and was breaking the drywall dimplers. So I gave him another drill after dinner tonight and he’s gonna drill the stuff up.

I have to do some work tomorrow b/c we have a big business deal at work that I’m helping out with. Still enjoying work. LOTS of work though. Definitely not a dull moment.

Well.. I’m off to bed. Hopefully I’ll post something interesting enough to warrant pictures soon!

Not much new… Saturday, August 6th, 2005

Not much new. I’ve been SUPER busy with work, so we haven’t done much on the house. Been relaxing a little bit.
I didn’t make it out there to take a picture in time, but I looked out the window, and on top of our hot tub (covered) our outdoor cat (Mama) was sitting up there, and a MONSTROUSLY huge raccoon was up there eating out of her food bowl. I turned the outdoor light on to show Andrea and the raccoon knew something was up. I opened the back door to yell at it to go away, and it started to walk off… then Mama started hissing at it and bitch-slapped the thing! It was AWESOME! I was so proud of her hahahaha. It was like 3 times her size, but she let it know who’s boss and told it to get the hell out of her yard. HA!!!

I ordered tires for my truck today. But I think I may go get a price from somewhere else. Hopefully Costco will give me my deposit ($40) back if I don’t buy them from them. Jason bought his from the Firestone dealer for about $140 cheaper than mine will be. So I’m going to see if they can give me a good price or if that was a limited time promotional price.

I picked up scrap wood from our door place today. We’re going to go this week to the hardware store to get them to put some different color stains on it so we can see what we like. Nice to be able to see what it will look like on a scrap before doing the whole door. The door place told me I need to rub the doors down with “4 ought” steel wool before staining. I’m putting that in here so I don’t forget 🙂

I borrowed Jason’s mower today and have proof now that my mower sucks. I have to go over each section of grass twice with mine (once in each direction). With his, one pass and it was done. I’m not sure if it’s just the blade on mine or if I need a new mower. I’ve sharpened the blade on mine with a Dremel and it’s pretty sharp, a LOT sharper than the new one at the store even, and sharper than the blade on Jason’s. But I started reading on the internet and a sharp blade is actually not what you want. It’s the angle on the blade that is the key. So I don’t know. New blade for like $30 or new mower for like $300. I’d hate to spend $30 on a blade and find out that my mower still sucks. But then I can’t imagine that there is that much newer “technology” in a new mower. It spins the blade, right? I’m just not sure. I’ll probably opt for the blade first and see what happens. It’s gotta help it somewhat I would think.

OK. Pizza just got here. time to eat!