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Quick update.. Saturday, July 23rd, 2005

Ok, I haven’t posted in too long. So here’s a quick one. As far as the house goes, we have done a few things. The trees in the front are done. I’ll have to take some pictures and post them. Maybe tomorrow. A new neighbor was moving in and asked me to come help him move his piano inside… So I did. And he said he wanted to pay me with a cold beer… I said, well how about y’all come help me move my fridge back into the kitchen. So we lucked out. 3 guys came over and helped me. It was SO much easier with more help. So the fridge is in the kitchen. Well, actually, all the appliances are now. As far as the kitchen goes, We ran into a little snag with the thresholds because the railing which they set into was set down too far. So I had to pull up the old railing, then had to find something to put down so I could put new railing on top. So I found some 1/4″ x 3/4″ strips at Lowe’s. I glued them down today and tomorrow I will glue down the thresholds with the railings. After that, the next big thing to do is the recessed lights in the kitchen. I may take a stab at that tomorrow. Also, we need to stain the front doors still. We didn’t have enough room in the garage to lay them flat.. I reorganized a little bit, and now there’s some room.. so we’ll probably get started with that either tomorrow, or early in the week.
We have a few more projects to do to finish up the house. Soon enough we’ll be done.
We got some new art for the house too. There’s another one that we haven’t put up yet, but I will take a picture when we do. This frame/art place that we have used for years, is going out of business. So, great sales on everything. Andrea got this piece of art, that we got in Paris, framed. Pictures below.. The story behind that one is, we were in Paris, and walking around the Eiffel Tower. We saw an artist who had his stand set up and we were looking at his drawings. Well, we asked how much for that one, and it was too much.. I thought it was just a print, and I wasn’t about to pay that much for just a print. So we said no, and started walking underneath the Tower, so we could go up in it. The artist followed us for a while, trying to get us to buy it, and I bargaiend with him, throwing out lower prices… he came back with the drawing, and said deal, and gave it to us for the price we said. Then we got back to the hotel later that night and we saw that it was an original drawing! Ok, so I felt kinda bad because if we’d known that it was an original, and not just a print, I’d have paid more for it. hahha oh well. so now we have an original drawing by a Parisian, framed in our master bathroom 🙂 And the trapeze lights we installed earlier are awesome. We have one directed right on it. Looks like it’s on display 🙂
Mom and Dad visited today and we went to Carraba’s. Mmmmm but I’m too stuffed.
Oh yeah, and last weekend, Chris helped me change the starter in my truck. I got stuck at work Thursday before last… I came out to get in thr truck to go meet the gang for a movie… and the truck wouldn’t start! Damn. So Jason gave me a ride home.. and then Chris and I came back Friday night and finished changing the starter out. Good as new! Cheap too! Saturday, I replaced the spark plugs, wires, distributor rotor and cap. All tuned up.
Hopefully we’ll get a gutter quote this week.
Oh, I saw Ray LaMontagne last night. Awesome show. That guy has an incredible voice. He’s definitely the real deal. They had some technical difficulties with the speakers, but overall, it was really good.
This past week I’ve been listening to Jay Nash’s CD “A Stream Up North”… that track “Anyway” is infectious. Also been digging on The Shins “Chutes Too Narrow”.

Sundae, being silly…


The Paris picture

New duvet cover

Curtains a la Andrea

Paris on the wall

Our new print

Haircut. Ok, so it’s not that much shorter.


Getting closer! Tuesday, July 12th, 2005

Ok quick post because I am tirrrred.
So Andrea has been doing some great design around the house, I wanted to share. Check out our bathrooms! I’ll show you the bed stuff later.
Last night we installed the over-the-range microwave.
This morning Andrea sealed the tile twice. And then tonight I finished the wood flooring by the kitchen while Andrea put the handles on some more of the cabinets. Then we moved the oven into place. Our kitchen is really coming together.
Still need to put the hood vent ducting through the cabinet above the microwave, into the attic (and through the roof). Will tackle that a little later.
Tomorrow we’ll hook up the dishwasher, and put the panels in place so we can move the fridge back into the kitchen. Also need to cut the thresholds for both sides of the tile.
Ok. tired. Must sleep.

Design by Andrea ™.

Matching hand towels.

The hall bath by Andrea.

The kitchen tile and wood floor is done!

Oven/range and over the range microwave are installed!

These are the knobs that Andrea installed.

And the handles.

2 day old flowers that I bought Andrea.

Sprinklers and cabinet Sunday, July 10th, 2005

So today I mowed the one section of our yard that is growing (absorption field for septic). Then I raked up a ton of leaves and mulched them with the gas leaf vac.

Then Chris came over and we tackled the sprinklers. We replaced the main valve on the system and lo and behold, the whole system started working. So this has to be the main main valve. It seems like the valve wasn’t opening all the way, so none of the zones was getting enough water pressure to operate. I was worried that we didn’t have enough water pressure from our water supply. But we measured that and it was actually extremely high. About 70 PSI!

So we got the zones all working, but then we found out that zone 1 had a broken piece of pipe in it (just a riser though – a very short piece). We had to dig up the yard a bit to get to it, and then a couple trips to the hardware store, and voila! Everything is working.

It was great, when we got the system to work, sprinkler heads were popping up all over the place, ones we didn’t even know we had. A lot of them were buried under a bunch of grass, and you could hear them bubbling, so you had to tear the grass away and then they would pop up and start spraying. Before, I had counted 6 sprinkler heads total, for the whole yard. Well, after we fixed it, we found out that we have probably 6 heads in each zone! Probably 30 or so for the whole yard. AWESOME! This is going to make our lawn maintenance SO much easier. Green yard here we come!

And then after that I got a haircut. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. It’s the shortest my hair’s been in like 2 years. So far I like it.

This evening, we replaced one of the cabinets in the kitchen. The one over the stove. So now the microwave we mount there will not be so high. We’re going to mount it tomorrow. And probably going to cut a hole in the cabinet so we can exhaust the microwave/hood vent through the roof. The one we replaced already vented out there, so there is already a vent in the roof.

Then we will seal the tile and grout tomorrow evening, and move all of the stuff back into the kitchen. Dishwasher, fridge, oven/stove. THEN our kitchen will finally be taking shape. One more cabinet to hang in there. Recessed lights to install. Knobs to put on cabinet doors. That’s pretty much all of it. It is the last major project of the house.

We’re also going to be staining the new front doors so we can get them installed finally. Oh, and the tree guy came to size up the project again. He is going to take all of the ball moss out of the front trees, take off all of the dead wood, trim the bushes, take a couple trees out, take the limb that hangs over the driveway off, and trim everything back several feet off the roof. He will mulch all of that and leave us the mulch for flower gardens. $600 for all of that. That’s not too bad considering the amount of work he has to get all of that done. It’s a two day job. He starts Monday, finishes Tuesday.

Ok. off to bed. CIAO!

Tile done. Friday, July 8th, 2005

OK… sooo our latest update… And some other pics below…
We decided that we didn’t wanna grout the kitchen ourselves. So we hired that out. What a great decision. My tile guy grouts for $0.60/sq ft. Our kitchen is only about 84 sq ft of tile (since we didn’t tile under the cabinets. So that is cheap cheap cheap, when you consider how fast a pro can do it. I called my tile guy yesterday and he was out here this morning. He finished the job in about an hour and a half, pretty much working by himself. I paid him $100. He made out like a bandit, but he does good work, and I didn’t have to pay him that much, just felt like being nice. He works hard, works quickly, and he showed up within 24 hours of me calling him.
So he did that.. then he went to start his van, and it wouldn’t start. So he messes around with it, I get in my truck to go get him money for the job… and MY truck wouldn’t start! but I jumpstarted my truck with a battery charger and it worked. Then we went to AutoZone to get my battery checked, and get some part he needed. He worked on it for a while, then his cousin showed up to help him, but I had to run to work. The grout looks great!
We saw “War Of The Worlds” last night… and in the middle of the movie, the power to the whole theater died. Pretty crazy!! (especially if you’ve seen the movie) Freaky.
My friend Chris came over earlier this week to help me look at my sprinkler system. We figured out a part that need to replace. He’s gonna help me out tomorrow or the next day.
Today we toured an ISP for my company. It was pretty impressive. CRAZY backup power and stuff. They have backup power upon backup power. They have these HUGE generators and a 6,000 gallon tank full of diesel fuel to power them. The only way they lose power is if the city of Austin runs out of electricity, AND diesel fuel. It was impressive.
Tomorrow we are going to replace a cabinet in the kitchen, possibly hang the microwave (or maybe on Sunday), wet the grout (you’re supposed to wet it for two days, to make it dry more slowly, so it doesn’t crack), get a haircut, the tree trimmer guy is going to come look at our trees again, and I dunno if he’s coming tomorrow, but I am talking to the door guy about installing our front doors (FINALLY!). Da’s all folks.

In case ya didn’t believe me about our kitty always sleeping on her back.

Sundae on her Pillar.

This is the part that we’re going to replace.


This thing has had it. It leaks water like crazy.

The tile, completed, not grouted yet.

All done. Grout coming.

You can see how we zigzagged the tile through the room.

See the zigzag along the edge?


All grouted.


Loungin’ Sunday, July 3rd, 2005

HAHA I just snapped some pictures while we were watching a movie. Toe was conked out on her back (her preferred position to sleep in) and I tried to get a picture of her like that, but she woke up.
Just some funny pictures hehehehe
We watched The Final Cut. Pretty good movie. I liked it. Scary concept, but kinda cool too.

Toe waking up from a snooze.

Sundae pissy that I woke her up.

ALL snout.