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Piece by piece Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Long time no post.
Sooo… let’s see… we put the condo under contract on Sunday. Everything looks like a go for that, so that’s nice to have taken care of. We close tenatively on August 15. They had their inspection done today, I assume I will hear something from them tomorrow, though I don’t see what the inspector could say is wrong with the condo. Er.. I should say.. nothing wrong with it that we are going to fix. *crosses fingers*
I started my job this week! So far so good. The guy I am replacing is their resident bad-ass, so I have some shoes to fill. I should do fine. But the thing is, he leaves this Thursday, and I have to learn a LOT of stuff from him before then. He’s the only one that knows a lot of the stuff. It’s definitely a challenge. Definitely has a small company feel. It kinda feels like if I don’t learn his stuff and get up to speed quickly, the company could be in jeopardy. That’s probably taking it a little too far, but they would definitely feel an impact if I don’t come up to speed fast. That’s kinda cool though, in a way. Like I said, a small company feel, for sure.
We started tiling the kitchen floor tonight. It is looking really good. Ignore the white in the pictures below. That’s the thinset and you won’t see that when it’s done. It’s going to look awesome!
We still have no kitchen faucet! We’ve had to order 4 different pieces for it now. We bought it on eBay. We bought 4 others on eBay and they were all fine, but this one definitely has had its issues. This is the last replaceable part though. This one we have on order now has GOT to be it. Should be here very soon. That said, Kohler has EXCELLENT warranty and support. They ship replacement parts without any questions. I’ve been very pleased with them.
Oh, and we hooked up VoIP at home now too. So we have a home phone again. We did it really b/c it’s cheaper than having to rent a cell phone from the home alarm company. Plus we get free long distance with the VoIP line. We used VoicePulse. They are supposed to have a lot of features. I haven’t had a cance to mess with it yet though.
Oh, and I bought a leaf blower/vac. I haven’t had a chance to mess with that yet either, but it’ll be cool. I mowed the yard a few days ago and there are still clippings in the driveway. It’ll be nice to be able to vac all that right after I mow next time.
OK…. off to bed. Some of us have jobs around here. Just kidding 🙂

The stack of tile is getting smaller.

The beginning of the kitchen.

Lots of color variance.

The end of night one.

More big news! Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005

More exciting stuff!! (Disclaimer: “exciting” in terms of ummm what’s going on in my life right now 😉 )
Ok.. so I put up some lights at the house, pictures below. Knocked out a ton of electrical work, a lot of it was pretty challenging (incorrectly sized boxes and such).
OK.. so the other big news is… I think we’ve sold the condo! We met with some buyers last night and they are on board to buy it from us. They originally wanted to close on October 1st, but we got them down to mid-August, which really is only a couple weeks longer than it would normally take to close. SWEET! We offered a lower price since they do not have a realtor, which means that we are saving money. I will post more info when I know it.

The new lights for the hall bath.

New electrical. The 3 switch thing was a bear because it was a normal depth box. I had to use some electrician tricks to get it to work.

Hard to see, but the light switches in the hallways are illuminated, so they’re easy to see at night.

Master bedroom trapeze lights.



The big news!! Monday, June 20th, 2005

Well Saturday we had an open house, but I didn’t plan it very well so basically nobody came. One lady stopped in with her realtor right before we left. We’ll probably do another next weekend, but plan this one properly. We’ve had good interest in the condo, just no offers yet. I take that back! HAHAHAHAHA this guy calls me up and says in his best redneck voice, “I’ll offer $65,000.” I almost burst into laughter. No tact at all, didn’t lead up to that amazing offer. He just came right out and said it. I thought it was pretty funny.
So yesterday (Monday) I showed the condo to a couple folks. They liked it, but no bites, as I said. I also installed the living room ceiling fan (see below). It’s pretty awesome. The lights on it are awesome. I also worked in the attic for a bit and installed the ceiling box for the lights in the master bath vanity. Well there is a pic below, but I had to redo it a bit. It hung down past the drywall about 3/4″ and just looked pretty bad when I got the base for the lights up there. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to fix it, b/c there isn’t a lot of room on the ceiling joists to play with, but I made it work. It’s all set now. I don’t have a picture yet, but I’ll post one once we get the lights all up tomorrow.
I was setting the lights up.. they are “trapeze lights” from IKEA and they are suspended on these wires that are supposed to be stretched tight. Well the mounts that you put on the side just were not feeling right when I installed them. When I went to stretch the wires tight, the screw pulled right out of the wall (the anchor stayed in the wall). So tomorrow I am going to have to buy new anchors that are smaller, so the hook/screws actually grab hold of them.
But the biggest and best news of today is…… I got a job offer!!!! Awesome! I got a call from the CEO of the new company this morning and he pitched me an offer. It’s pretty much what I was making before (before as in, before my hella-high-paying-contract) but it’s good. They make commissions on some things, bonuses, etc. So base salary isn’t everything there. I’m really excited to work at this company. They only have 45 people worldwide, 17 in Austin. They’ve been in business since 1993 though, so it’s not like a startup. I’m excited. I think it’ll offer some good challenges to me and I think I’m going to bring a lot to the company. He said I can start whenever. I may start next Monday because we are hoping to get the last projects done at the house. The last big one being the tile for the kitchen. If we can get that done, there really is just small stuff to do after that. We need to get the front door installed, and get gutters installed, but we’re hiring both of those things out, so that’s not too bad.
Anyway… off to bed now. I’m tired. Long day. Exciting day.

The new living room ceiling fan.

The ceiling box for the master bathroom vanity lights.

Showing Friday, June 17th, 2005

Today was eventful. I finally got our tax return from our CPA. Not too bad. cha-ching!
Then right after that I got two calls for people wanting to see the condo. I showed it to a guy who used to coach football for UT, and then showed it to a girl and her mom. They both liked it a lot. Waiting to hear back.
The condo is officially done done done as far as repairs, touchups, etc. I did paitn touchup throught from all the scratches on the walls from carpet guys, etc.
I picked up our extra bedroom at the house, did some threshold stuff, and now about to set up the bed and do some more thresholds.
Yesterday I showed the condo to another person, but I think he wanted a garage.
In any case… if you know someone who might want to buy a condo, PLEASE send them this link… it’s well priced and it’s gorgeous! Here’s the link!

Not a great pic, but you can see the new flowerbed.

Pain, gain thats my name. Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Ok today I finished the condo. There are a couple things left that I will do, but they are nothing big (like new caulk along the tiles, painting the shelf in the laundry room, etc).
It took a LOOOONG time to finish it, but I’m happy with how it looks now. I show it tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers!
I also worked on the garden. I tore out what was in there, put some new dirt, and placed the new stuff, but I ran out of daylight so didn’t plant it yet.
Then I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.
I took pictures of the whole condo, see below. They are for a craigslist ad actually, but I figured I’d post them here too.
Ok. so now it’s 3:23am. Back on my “work” schedule. My pain is your gain. Better blog entries happen when I get no sleep.

The “garden” before. Yes, that’s a tomato plant gone out of control.

What’s going into the new flowerbed.

Here is how it is right now, it got too dark to plant them. But that’s how it will lay out.

The kitchen.

Downstairs half-bathroom.

Same shot.

Dining area.

Living room.


The living room and fireplace.

Wide open floor plan.

Vaulted ceilings in the master bedrooms.

Vaulted ceilings AND a bay window in this one.

Closeup of the bay window.

Double doors to this closet.

One of the master bedrooms’ bathrooms.

Different angle.

And a shower (and me).

A shower (with less of me.)

Builtin shelves in the other master bedroom closet.

And the other master bedroom’s bathroom.