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Smell the flowers Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

I took a few minutes to take some pictures of things around the house. Non-work related this time.

Our outdoor cat, Mama, eating on top of the hot tub. We feed her up there now because we used to feed her on the ground and a damn SKUNK started to frequent our yard, to eat her food. Well I am smarter than a skunk, and I found out that skunks can’t jump. But cats can 😉

The hibiscus plant is going bonkers!!

Look at all those blooms? Gorgeous, huh?

And we have these other tropical plants growing. This one is cool!

A closer shot of it’s bloom.

Tried for a closer shot but the camera misfocused. Funny, but cool.

There we go. It got it right that time.

This is a bloom on one of our MANY Wandering Jews.

A closeup of one of those hibiscus blooms.


This one shows the true color of most of the blooms. Kinda purple, kinda pink.

And finally, the kitties. Can you spot Sundae?

Sunday Sunday Sunday! Sunday, May 29th, 2005

So Sunday I was TIRED from the night before. We worked til like 12 or 1 at Thomas’. I got a late start, went to buy the baseboards from Lowe’s, and went over to the condo to paint them. Oh yeah, last night, our painter stopped by and showed us a bunch of tricks, like how to caulk the baseboards properly, without having to smear it with your finger. He rocks.
I called my brother to get some tips on how to PAINT them. I used the semigloss paint, and then added a little bit of thinner to it and then some Penetrol. That’s what Mark said to use and they came out PERFECT. Well, perfect enough for a first-timer.
I was bummed because I was supposed to go to my friend Richard’s BBQ today but I was in the middle of painting when he called and I just couldn’t break away. Sucks. Definitely wanted to go. Sometimes this house stuff gets in the way. Well, it will soon all be done!
After I finished painting, I went to Thomas’ to help him with the floors.

There they are, all painted and drying…

Pretty smooth finish. I got this finish by rolling them with a roller designed for ultra smooth surfaces, and then taking a paintbrush and doing one stroke ALLLLL the way down each board.


They take up the whole room because they are 14 feet long each.

94 feet of baseboards

And then over to Thomas’ where we wrapped up the bottom floor of his house.

The LAST piece! Thomas is cutting it right now.

Man! They look GREAT! (Ignore the dust particles. My camera sucks.)

All the way around the stairs, to the front door


View from the front area.

Start of the weekend Saturday, May 28th, 2005

So, I decided to start a blog of the last things I am doing to the house. Quick update for those that don’t know. My contract with IBM was cut short due to budget cuts. So I am currently seeking employment. Know anyone who is hiring?

In the meantime, Andrea is on vacation in Virginia for 2 weeks, and I am working on the house and the condo while working on finding a job. So I decided to kinda chronicle it here with pictures….
Saturday I promised our friend Thomas that I would help him install his laminate flooring at his new house. He’s trying to get it ready to move in by next week, so we tried to knock out a bunch of it. His brother was there installing baseboards, and my friend ben came by and helped for most of the day too. Needless to say, we got a lot done. We did almost his whole downstairs. Here are some before/after pictures…

Here we are, about to start for the day…

Everything is cleared away

..and vacuumed. The Shopvac is the fixer-upper’s best friend…

We knocked it out! View from the kitchen…


You gotta clean it AFTER your done too…

View back towards the kitchen

And this shows where we stopped for day one.

We didn’t make it all the way around the stairs, see?